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Ninth Punch [voice]


Ayla not know what going on.


Eighth Punch [video]

*Ayla's in front of the autoshop doing a rather nasty job - skinning wolf corpses. There are a few skins hung out that look ready to be made into cloaks. After she finishes skinning the wolf she's working on, she turns to the comm*

Dante, cloaks ready soon!

Seventh Punch [video]

*There isn't much to see here but Ayla obviously enjoying herself. She's drunk from the Skullsmash her and Lucca made*

Better than what clan made!

Sixth Punch [voice]

No more monsters. No more fight.

...Ayla bored.

Fifth Punch [video]

*the angle on the video is strange. Ayla didn't bring her communicator with her and it's instead shooting from where she dropped it. She's standing with Lucca in a pose that shows she's ready to fight. Lucca has her flamethrower and, in what would seem like a friendly fire incident, sets Ayla's legs on fire. The cavewoman proceeds to take down three zombies and the process is repeated. The entire time Ayla is screaming in a very primal manner. The video eventually times out*

Fourth Punch [voice]

Ayla no like fog...

*she sounds startled for a moment*

Who there?! Out now!!

*she drops the communicator and her footsteps are heard...She's chasing things that aren't there*

Third Punch [voice]

...Need thing to make hut. Where find?

Mud easy. Straw not.

Second punch [voice]

...Ayla cold.





Cold bad.

First punch [voice]

This food? *gnawing sounds* Not taste like food... *banging noises* Can't break open. Maybe find bigger rock to smash with.

*the communicator is dropped and skitters on the ground. There's some more banging sounds*

Rock not work...thing is strong. Are people inside it?

*the communicator is dropped again as something else catches her attention*

MONSTERS. DIE, MONSTERS! *she lets out a sound like a roar...and there's more fighting sounds and the screech of things dying. Ayla can be heard laughing. She's enjoying herself.*

They not hard. Too easy. Ayla strong, Ayla fight. Wonder if anyone alive.